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Our vision

We would like to take this time to present to some and announce to others our new Satellite Office located at 7810A Kenton St. Houston, TX  77028.  The single story  Freestanding office space is located on the North Side of town which will allow for us to service the North, Northeast areas of Houston with ease.  As our 2020 Summer opening date gradually approaches, we look forward to the new challenges and debt of succession that brings our way.  As this is just one of the great  stepping stones of a vast array of impending accomplishments we vow to scale and anticipate in the horizon.  As we dare to rise higher, to extend our wings of courage, to ride the winds  of endurance through the turbulence of adversities, challenges, and  many difficult issues we face each and every day.  We extend this hardy invitation to welcome each and every one of you, every client, every supporter, every sponsor, every volunteer that has extended a hand of support in some way or another to the ongoing cause of this establishment. As you take your seat, we admonish you to buckle your safety belt and join in on the Flight!


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About Us

The Cariah Organization, Inc. is a community-based economic development center formulated to service the social economically distressed neighborhoods of the north/northeast areas of Houston and its surrounding communities. The organization is a multi-purpose, 501(c) (3) certified nonprofit formed in July, of 2006. The Organization specializes in providing economic revitalization in impoverished communities. These types of low to very-low income areas of the City of Houston have been name by the City’s mayor the “Houston Hope Areas”. Our centers implementation is an innovative economic revitalization effort to enhance the value of the Houston northeast small communities.
The Organization is designed to service the needs of the area economically distressed communities with the necessary programming and services needed to prepare those low to very low and low-to- moderate income household in the area for self-sufficiency and advancement.
Our Mission
Cariahs’ mission is to ensure needed assistance in our underprivileged areas are obtained for the stabilization and assurance of a better tomorrow.

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